Tucker Carlson unloads in unhinged rant about race and immigration

The conservative talking head fans fears that Obama administration is ginning up racial tension

Published November 6, 2014 7:05PM (EST)

Tucker Carlson                      (Fox News)
Tucker Carlson (Fox News)

Tucker Carlson is at it again.

Appearing on conspiracy kook Alex Jones' radio program Tuesday, the conservative media personality -- recently seen suggesting that having to bake a cake for a gay couple is "fascism" -- alleged that President Obama is stoking racial tension to gain political advantage and joined Jones in railing against immigration.

Responding to Jones, who approvingly cited right-wing pundit Ben Stein's recent allegation that Obama is "the most racist president there has ever been in America," Carlson said, "I have no idea what’s in his heart. I have no idea what his true beliefs are. But it’s very clear – they’ve made it as clear as it’s ever been in the last two weeks – that they’re willing to use race to divide the country to get out the vote and use racial fears to get their base out to the polls."

After Jones chimed in that there's an elite plot to "flood us with all these illegals" so as to "create that balkanization," Carlson heartily agreed.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. There’s no doubt that they see immigration as a source of political power and that’s scary," he said.

While Carlson asserted that he's generally pro-immigrant, he cast immigration as a war on low wage workers -- not a group for whom he has traditionally evinced sympathy -- and agreed with Jones' claim that "hordes of illegals will vote away our freedoms." Carlson pointed to his home state of California, which he declared is "literally crumbling" because of immigration.

"As someone who grew up in California, and looks back at that state when I grew up in it – and I’m not that old – that state was the richest out of 50," Carlson replied. "It had great schools, excellent infrastructure. It was pretty reasonable politically. Now it’s a one-party state that’s literally crumbling and it’s more impoverished than any other state."

"Why is that?" Carlson asked. "Well, there’s only one thing that changed – and that’s the composition of the population in California because of immigration."

Listen to Carlson's allegations of nefarious race-baiting by the Obama White House below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

And listen to him decry the imagined effects of immigration on California:

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