Jon Stewart lost sleep over his softball interview with Donald Rumsfeld

He also despises interviewing politicians

By Sarah Gray
Published November 10, 2014 4:34PM (EST)
 Jon Stewart        (CBS)
Jon Stewart (CBS)

Jon Stewart appeared on "CBS This Morning" to discuss his directorial debut, "Rosewater," with former "Daily Show" correspondent Mo Rocca.

Stewart also discussed his 15-year career as host of "The Daily Show": He revealed what he'd ask George W. Bush if he ever had the chance to chat with him, and what he regrets about his Donald Rumsfeld interview.

"Do you like interviewing politicians?" Mo Rocca inquires.

"No," Stewart replied firmly. "I despise it, as most sentient creatures, I think, would. Imagine having to interview salespeople. They're salespeople! They live in a world of denial and conjuring."

"It is very strange. It is very strange to talk to people who have lost their awareness that that's what they're doing," Stewart continued. Watch below:

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