Elizabeth Warren to join Senate leadership?

After Democrats' midterm drubbing, the progressive favorite could be poised for a job promotion

Published November 12, 2014 10:38PM (EST)

Elizabeth Warren                            (AP/Timothy D. Easley)
Elizabeth Warren (AP/Timothy D. Easley)

It's been less than two years since Elizabeth Warren took the oath of office as a U.S. senator from Massachusetts, but the progressive favorite may soon join the Senate leadership.

According to the Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel, Warren is being weighed for "a leadership position in the Senate Democratic caucus" ahead of leadership elections tomorrow morning. It isn't clear what the position is yet, although it won't be Senate minority leader; outgoing Majority Leader Harry Reid has already announced that he'll seek the post, and he's a near-lock to keep it.

Terkel reports that a source saw Warren leave Reid's office today, although both the Warren and Reid camps have remained mum on why she was there.

Over the weekend, Warren published a Washington Post Op-Ed urging congressional Democrats and the Obama administration to vigorously fight for key progressive agenda items, including ending corporate tax loopholes, breaking up big banks, and allowing students to refinance their loans. If Warren joins the Senate leadership, she'll have an influential perch from which to make the case for that agenda.

For progressives who hope to see Warren mount a presidential bid in 2016, however, her possible move up the ranks could be bad news. While she appeared to ever-so-slightly crack the door open recently, Warren has repeatedly insisted she's not running for president, and many observers speculate that she sees her future in the Senate.

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