Evolution of a late-night host: A Stephen Colbert retrospective

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Published December 3, 2014 8:00PM (EST)

As Stephen Colbert pointed out on Tuesday night, "The Colbert Report" is winding down -- only 10 shows remain! But how'd he get here? While Colbert famously cut his teeth as a correspondent on "The Daily Show," he took his most significant step toward hosting a show of his own when he began doing guest-hosting stints for Jon Stewart (10 times!) starting in 2001. Below we've compiled a selection of hosting highlights, from Colbert's time on "The Daily Show" through the moment he announced his departure from "The Report."

February 2001: The first time Stephen Colbert hosted "The Daily Show":

March 2003: Colbert hosts "The Daily Show" -- again!:

July 2004: The last time Colbert stepped in for Jon Stewart to host "The Daily Show":

October 2005: Colbert's first show ever:

December 2005: "The Colbert Report's" first holiday season -- Colbert's first attempt to save Christmas:

January 2006: Colbert's first "The Word" is chosen for "word of the year":

November 2006: Colbert's first midterm election:

March 2007: The very first Stephen Colbert Day in Oshawa, Ontario:

October 2007: Colbert gets into the 2008 presidential election:

November 2008: "The Colbert Report's" first presidential election:

December 2009: Colbert's healthcare special:

February 2010: The Winter Olympics:

May 2011: Colbert gears up for the 2012 elections with his Super PAC:

October 2012: Colbert covers Hurricane Sandy and the 2012 presidential election:

September 2013: Government shutdown:

April 2014: Colbert tells Jon Stewart he's leaving "The Colbert Report":

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