Hate-watching "Peter Pan Live!": The funniest tweets during tonight's NBC musical

Allison Williams implored all of us please not to hate-watch “Peter Pan Live!” but that clearly fell on deaf ears

By Anna Silman
December 5, 2014 8:30AM (UTC)
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Allison Williams, Christopher Walken and Christian Borle in "Peter Pan Live!" (NBC/Virginia Sherwood)

Earlier this week, Allison Williams implored all of us: Please, don’t hate-watch “Peter Pan Live!” Well, that clearly fell on deaf ears, as the Twitterati was out in full force to share their opinions about every aspect of NBC’s newest attempt at live musical programming, from the show’s retrograde gender politics to its creepy kidnapping plotline, as well as the gift to the world that is Christopher Walken's dancing. For those of you who missed the livetweeting fun, here are some of the funniest observations:

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