Google searches confirm it: 2014 was a rough year

Here's some of what we looked for in 2014

Published December 16, 2014 5:23PM (EST)

  (AP/Paul A. Hebert)
(AP/Paul A. Hebert)

This week Google released a sentimental YouTube video looking back on the year through searches. It was idealistic and beautiful, the way that most Google advertisements are.

While the video may not have completely represented the full picture of 2014, the stats on Google searches are an interesting time capsule of this rather rough year.

Top searches:

Great losses:

What is...?

The most searched for people:

And the most searched for symptoms:

Not everything was doom and gloom. Google did capture the cultural zeitgeist in terms of...


Songs we didn't know the lyrics to:

And memes:

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