Bill Cosby's lawyer angry at CNN for "one-sided reporting"

Martin Singer sent a letter to CNN's president

Published December 22, 2014 3:44PM (EST)

Bill Cosby                        (AP/Victoria Will)
Bill Cosby (AP/Victoria Will)

This weekend Bill Cosby's lawyer Martin Singer sent an accusatory letter to the president of CNN, Jeffrey Zucker. The subject of the letter was a CNN special on Beverly Johnson, a former top model who wrote a personal essay in Vanity Fair claiming Bill Cosby drugged her. She is just the latest in the 20 women, by Vulture's count, who allege that Cosby drugged them, sexually assaulted them, or both drugged and raped them.

In the correspondence, Martin Singer accuses CNN of "one-sided reporting," stating that he, Cosby's lawyer, had provided complete access to two sources that were pro-Bill Cosby, and was unhappy with the way CNN conducted the interview. A portion of the letter read:

"We continue to be shocked by CNN's outrageous ongoing refusal to investigate and run balanced stories about my client. While airing untested stories from accusers who have seemingly been subject to little or no vetting, CNN takes the opposite approach with anyone who comes forward with relevant information undermining accusers' claims or with relevant information supporting Mr. Cosby."

The full letter can be read herevia TMZ, who obtained the correspondence. Singer provided CNN access to Johnson's former boyfriend Mark Burk. The two dated in the late aughts, years after the alleged drugging. According to Singer's letter, Burk says that Johnson spoke kind words about Cosby during their relationship.

This is not the first time that Cosby's lawyers have tried to influence the media. Back in November Singer called for the "media vilification" to end. Earlier in December, Bill Cosby himself said he expected the "black media" to remain "neutral."

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