Erick Erickson: President Obama "hates America"

The right-wing pundit wonders why Obama ruined a perfect country

Published December 22, 2014 3:34PM (EST)

 Erick Erickson (Credit: Fox News) (Fox News)
Erick Erickson (Credit: Fox News) (Fox News)

Conservative meathead Erick Erickson played to Manichean type on Monday, charging that President Obama "hates America" and has deliberately wrecked the country in order to "humble" it.

In a blog post that appeared under the headline "When the American President Hates America," Erickson asserted that Barack and Michelle Obama "see the United States as a corrupt and bullying power that needs to be humbled."

Arguing that nobody "seeks to fundamentally transform something that they love" -- unless, of course, you're talking about St. Ronald Reagan's fundamental transformation of America -- Erickson then attempted to show what Obama's fundamental transformation has wrought.

"Russia has invaded and taken over Crimea," Erickson noted. What this has to do with fundamentally transforming America -- and how this act of Russian aggression proves that Obama despises the country -- Erickson left unsaid. But rest assured that under no circumstances would Russia have ever invaded another country on the America-loving George W. Bush's watch. Right?

"ISIS stretches across the Middle East beheading Americans," he continued. We all remember, of course, that terrorists never targeted Americans prior to January 20, 2009. And never would we take seriously the consensus among "experts" and "scholars" that Bush's war in Iraq fostered the rise of ISIS and other militant groups. Those eggheads hate America, too.

"North Korea now demands we seek its permission before we watch movies," Erickson went on. Never mind that bit about how Obama criticized Sony's decision to cancel the release of "The Interview," a movie whose plot centers on the assassination of Kim Jong-Un -- it's all about the narrative!

Meanwhile, Erickson added, "Police officers are being gun downed in New York to the applause of Obama voters." Erickson didn't bother to say which "Obama voters" -- whomever could he be talking about? -- applauded this weekend's NYPD killings, perhaps because civil rights activists have condemned the killings.

Erickson proceeded to cite the reported sinking of a migrant boat by Cuba's coast guard to attack Obama's diplomatic rapprochement with the country.

The larger takeaway? Erickson concludes that Obama's "historic [sic] legacy will be this: he led his countrymen and the world to turn away from their better angels." Coming from such an august scholar of American history and politics as Erick Erickson, that is a damning indictment indeed.

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