"This is pure insanity, a suicide pact": Laura Ingraham blames Charlie Hebdo attack on France's immigration policies

12 were killed in an attack on the Parisian magazine

Published January 7, 2015 5:35PM (EST)

Laura Ingraham                                   (Reuters/Lucas Jackson)
Laura Ingraham (Reuters/Lucas Jackson)

With any horrible tragedy comes a deluge of pundits attempting to link the event with their political cause du jour. Conservative personality Laura Ingraham has long been an outspoken critic of brown people's right to immigrate, so, expectedly, she blamed Wednesday's attack of Parisian magazine Charlie Hebdo's staff on France's immigration policy in what is a thoroughly convoluted monologue of false equivalence.

"The elites sadly reap what they sow and the regular people suffer," said Ingraham on her radio show. "What does Laura mean by that? When you tolerate what France has tolerated. Of course the history of colonization of Africa, of Algeria and so forth, meant that in elite French eyes, we were going to bring in all of these Muslims. They were going to live in French society, all was going to be well. We were going to believe and live by this creed of multiculturalism and all of this was going to work out fine. Anyone who questioned that? Well, they would be vilified. They would be subjected to all sorts of ridicule and worse! Maybe they wouldn't even get a job!"

"The principle of multiculturalism and open borders trumps security, pluralism, sometimes free speech, free expression," she continued. "This is pure insanity, a suicide pact."

Listen to the full clip below, courtesy of Media Matters.

By Joanna Rothkopf

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