Bill Maher on Charlie Hebdo attacks: "There are no great religions; they’re all stupid and dangerous"

The "Real Time" host appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and spoke about the attack in Paris

Published January 8, 2015 4:20PM (EST)

Bill Maher in "Real Time with Bill Maher"                          (HBO/Janet Van Ham)
Bill Maher in "Real Time with Bill Maher" (HBO/Janet Van Ham)

On Wednesday Bill Maher unloaded on religion on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and called for the unequivocal protection of free speech.

The political comedian, who is promoting the upcoming season of "Real Time with Bill Maher," was responding to the attack on Charlie Hebdo, which left 12 people dead, 11 wounded and is viewed as a direct attack on freedom of speech.

"This has to stop, and unfortunately, a lot of the liberals, who are my tribe — I am a proud liberal--" Maher began.

"He’s about to turn on you," Kimmel joked.

"No, I’m not turning on them," Maher continued. "I’m asking them to turn toward the truth, as I have been for quite a while. I’m the liberal in this debate. I’m for free speech. To be a liberal, you have to stand up for liberal principles. It’s not my fault that the part of the world that is most against liberal principles is the Muslim part of the world."

Maher contended that most Muslims would not carry out such an attack, but claimed that "hundreds of millions of them" support attacks of this manner.

Maher called for a complete condemnation of the attack, and broadened his view to the dangers of all religion.

"We have to stop saying when something like this that happened in Paris today, we have to stop saying, well, we should not insult a great religion," Maher said. "First of all, there are no great religions; they’re all stupid and dangerous. And we should insult them, and we should be able to insult whatever we want. That is what free speech is like."

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