John Hodgman rebuts Jonathan Chait in dazzling Twitter essay

The humorist and former "PC guy" had an eloquent response to Chait's anti-political correctness screed

Published January 27, 2015 6:32PM (EST)

John Hodgman   (Comedy Central)
John Hodgman (Comedy Central)

Writer, comedian and "Daily Show" correspondent John Hodgman -- who is perhaps best-known for playing the “PC guy” in Mac’s famous advertising campaign -- proved today that he is just as fluent in other uses of the term "PC" as well. In a lengthy Twitter essay, the humorist offered an elegant rebuttal to Jonathan Chait's New York Magazine piece decrying political correctness as a threat to the left. Read the full argument below:

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Chait responded to Hodgman briefly on Twitter, although it seems a longer response is still to come:

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