Ann Coulter: Colleges spend their days "indoctrinating kids to hate Republicans"

According to the conservative pundit, the education system is "the most left-wing industry in America"

Published February 6, 2015 9:10PM (EST)

Ann Coulter                  (AP/Peter Kramer)
Ann Coulter (AP/Peter Kramer)

Earlier this week, Ann Coulter spoke with Florida radio host Joyce Kaufman about President Barack Obama's plan to subsidize community college educations for millions of students across the country. Surprise, surprise -- she hates it.

"If [colleges] are so confident that their students are going to go out and make all kinds of money, why is the taxpayer on the hook for this?" Coulter asked. "This is such a scam how middle-class Americans are being taxed to subsidize the most left-wing industry in America, that spends its days indoctrinating kids to hate Republicans."

"And to hate white people," Kaufman said. "The whole white privilege thing that's going on there is killing me."

"Yeah, and they're never called to account for it," Coulter said.

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By Joanna Rothkopf

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