Beck vs. Beyoncé controversy no more: "Single Loser" mashup is here to save the day

With Beckyoncé, there's no need to pick sides anymore.

Published February 12, 2015 9:40PM (EST)

Beck, Beyonce     (Reuters/Lucy Nicholson/AP/Jordan Strauss)
Beck, Beyonce (Reuters/Lucy Nicholson/AP/Jordan Strauss)

May Beyhivers and Beck stans come to remember this day, Feb. 12, as the day Beckyoncé was born. On that day, everyone put their differences aside and united in SoundCloud harmony for four minutes.

An unidentified SoundCloud user has gifted the Internet with a mashup titled "Single Loser" which fuses together the best of both Grammy-nominated worlds.

No word on whether Kanye has accepted this conciliatory gift.

By Colin Gorenstein

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