Fox News' collective head is about to explode: Another right-wing freakout over Obama and Bill Ayers

The right is already going berserk at the news

By Luke Brinker
Published February 12, 2015 10:06PM (EST)
Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Bill O'Reilly               (Fox News)
Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Bill O'Reilly (Fox News)

Gawker reported Thursday that former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn attended the August 2014 wedding of then-White House chef Sam Kass and MSNBC host Alex Wagner, a wedding also attended by President Barack Obama.

The website's J. K. Trotter writes that Gawker has "recently heard" about the presence of Ayers and Dohrn, who are married and spent 10 years in hiding after bombing numerous empty numerous empty government buildings to protest the Vietnam War. Ayers and Dohrn later became Chicago academics and community activists, with Obama and Ayers serving together on several charitable boards early in the president's career.

That association became fodder for 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who denounced the president for "palling around with terrorists." Fox News has a longstanding fixation on Ayers, whom they continue to attempt to link to Obama and his policies, despite the fact that Ayers now considers Obama a war criminal.

So why were Ayers and Dohrn at the wedding? Gawker speculates that it's because of their connections to Kass, a former Chicago resident who reportedly shares mutual friends with the couple. It's not clear that Obama interacted with them at any point during the wedding, but that hasn't prevented a right-wing Twitter meltdown.

Ace of Spades blogger John Ekdahl fired off a series of tweets accusing the president of sympathizing and "partying" with terrorists:

[embedtweet id=565984160221638657]

[embedtweet id=565984797994934272]

[embedtweet id=565985659316215808]

National Review's Jim Geraghty added his voice to the mix:

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Commentary editor and New York Post columnist John Podhoretz cracked that Ayers came to collect his "royalties check" from the president:

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Allahpundit, meanwhile, seized the occasion to work in a dig at former Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright:

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Which prompted Melissa Clouthier to wonder if Obama and Wright have already met, but the librul media are covering up:

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Oh, to be a fly on the wall in Fox News' editorial meetings right now.

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