"You make people sick, and you are really stupid too": Watch porn stars read their hate mail

It's not quite "celebrities reading mean tweets" in a world that treats sex workers as subhuman

By Jenny Kutner
Published February 12, 2015 8:47PM (EST)
  (Vince Mancini/WoodRocket)
(Vince Mancini/WoodRocket)

You know those videos where celebrities read mean tweets about themselves and it's really funny? Well, this is sort of like that, except with porn stars and hate mail. And instead of being funny, "'Ask A Porn Star': Stars Read Their Hate Mail" is a gross illustration of the sort of harassment women -- especially sexually active or empowered women, and most especially sex workers -- face online and in real life.

The emails sampled in the video are nauseating and offensive (trigger warnings for the racism and quoted use of the N-word, on top of all the misogyny), but they're also oddly educational. The sorts of sexist ideas our culture has about the way women should look and act take their purest, most hateful form -- and the notion that sex workers experience harsh social penalties for their professions isn't at all a debatable abstraction.

Watch the video below:

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