Finally, something Guy Fieri doesn't suck at: Brokering Middle East peace talks in "The Interview" deleted scene

Helping Israeli and Palestinian leaders find "common ground in a place we call FlavorTown"

Published February 17, 2015 7:59PM (EST)

Guy Fieri         (AP/Jeff Christensen)
Guy Fieri (AP/Jeff Christensen)

While most of us have found some way to watch "The Interview" by now, it turns out there are some extra treats in store for those willing to hold out for the hard copy. Today, Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan shared this deleted scene from the newly-released DVD/Blu-ray version, in which Guy Fieri helps Dave Skylark (James Franco) broker Israeli-Palestinian peace with the help of some spicy falafel sandwiches.

While the film's producers had no qualms in using Kim Jong-Un's real name -- and we all know how that ended! -- they decided to stick to fictional Israeli and Palestinian leaders, which we think is wise. (We sense Bibi and Abbas might object to the guy behind "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” helping them find "common ground in a place we call FlavorTown").

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