This cool video visualizes the lack of diversity in Oscars' history

This isn't the first year of #OscarsSoWhite

By Anna Silman
Published February 20, 2015 9:48PM (EST)
      (Bard Edlund)
(Bard Edlund)

We all know that this was a particularly bad year for diversity at the Oscars, but how does it stack up in the grand scheme of things? Artist Bard Edlund made this neat video visualizing diversity at the Oscars over the years, showing how many Black, Hispanic and Asian nominees have taken home the big prize in the major categories, and, well, it's pretty uninspiring. But the video itself is beautiful — take a look:

Diversity Among Winners at the Oscars from Bard Edlund on Vimeo.

Anna Silman

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