Sean Hannity and others are freaking out about "American Sniper's" Oscar loss

"AMERICAN Sniper snubbed by liberal hwood Predictable (sic)"

Published February 23, 2015 7:00AM (EST)

Bradley Cooper in "American Sniper"           (Warner Bros. Entertainment)
Bradley Cooper in "American Sniper" (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

Divisive film "American Sniper" took home a single Academy Award on Sunday night. Naturally, Sean Hannity and others were quick to come up with their reasons why this movie, which is about the deadliest American sniper, did not nab top honors: "liberal Hollywood."

Hannity took to Twitter to share this "hot take." Here were the right's reactions to "American Sniper's" loss:

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Some were outright Islamophobic:

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And then there were those, like comedian Rob Delaney, who made fun of the potential Fox News angle:

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