"I want to punch everyone in the face": Iggy Azalea opens up about toxic Internet culture and being catfished by her own mom

The rapper's told The Cruz Show that Twitter "makes me hate people, and I don’t want to hate people"

By Erin Keane

Chief Content Officer

Published February 27, 2015 4:06PM (EST)

Iggy Azalea       (AP/Eric Charbonneau)
Iggy Azalea (AP/Eric Charbonneau)

Iggy Azalea's so much happier now that she's not engaging with haters on Twitter. The rapper appeared on Los Angeles' 106 FM's The Cruz Show this week to talk about her decision to put herself on a social media diet. "Anyone’s happier when they’re not being verbally abused all day long," she told the hosts. Now that she's in the studio recording her new album, Azalea has less time to beef with Azealia Banks and her local Papa John's franchise, and apparently, that abstention is paying off in her work.

Pre-internet break, Iggy was like: "Every time I come in the studio I’m like I just I feel like I want to punch everyone in the face, and those are the only songs I want to write. I really need to get off the internet."

And now she is like: "I think it’s dangerous to have that negative Internet culture."

Iggy being Iggy, she was remarkably tight-lipped about any culpability she might have had in any of her many Twitter feuds, like when she decided to take on Q-Tip in the most epic Hip Hop Studies Faculty Meeting brawl ever, but she does distill the life cycle of the Internet feud in a remarkably concise outline:

"You feel like it’s a personal attack on your character, and it’s human nature to defend yourself, so then you get to defending yourself, which will be misconstrued as a rant and then you’re on that blog and this … you have to get out of the cycle."

Apparently, Iggy's boyfriend, LA Lakers player Nick Young, thought Iggy didn't go far enough defending herself to the haters: "He wanted me to be worse than I was. 'You just gotta be Yeezy on them!'" (Iggy's probably wise to take that advice with a grain of salt, though for our own selfish entertainment purposes, we encourage Nick to continue to be a bad influence.)

But Iggy's mother, in absentia, is the breakout star of this interview. Apparently she does what any loyal mum would do for her child if her child is an international superstar with a very contentious online life:

"She’s been catfishing for sure. There was this one fan, and I was like ooh I like this fan, this fan is cool, I’m going to add them, and she texts me and is like “you know I’m Azalean4Life, you know that’s me.” I was like oh my god, I’m friends with my mother by accident. This is so lame. I felt so embarrassed."

That is actually pretty charming. Here's the full interview:

By Erin Keane

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