"Maybe it's just propaganda": Ben Carson defends his ridiculous anti-science philosophy

Carson appeared on Sunday's "Meet the Press"

Published March 2, 2015 3:12PM (EST)

  (Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)
(Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

2016 GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson-- a medical doctor --appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday to discuss religion's role in the scientific method.

"Explain how science and religion, in your mind, coexist," said Chuck Todd.

"A person's religious beliefs are the things that make them who they are, gives them a direction in their life," Carson said, definitely not speaking for everyone but also not quite off the deep end. "But I do not believe that religious beliefs should dictate one's public policies and stances."

Hooray! But wait.

"I find a very good measure of correlation between my religious beliefs and my scientific beliefs -- people say, how can you be a scientist, how can you be a surgeon if you don't believe in certain things? Maybe those things aren't scientific. Maybe it's just propaganda."

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By Joanna Rothkopf

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