Aubrey Plaza gave Aziz Ansari a stomach-churning "Parks & Rec" going away gift

Think: blood and hair

Published March 3, 2015 1:56PM (EST)

Aziz Ansari on "Conan"       (TBS)
Aziz Ansari on "Conan" (TBS)

Let it be known: Aubrey Plaza is one of the few humans on this planet who could make gifting a vial of blood with a shard of hair in it seem like a heart-felt gesture.

Aziz Ansari joined Conan Monday night to chat about his departure from "Parks & Rec" and discuss a horrifying -- but totally in character -- going away gift he received from long-time friend Aubrey Plaza.

The vial, he would discover much later, was some sort of jelly. The hair? No word on where that came from. At least poor Aziz got a really nice, hand-written letter out of it.

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