Do these stock photos make you want to see Vince Vaughn's new movie?

"Unfinished Business," costarring Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson, comes out this Friday

By Anna Silman
March 4, 2015 7:52PM (UTC)
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Portrait of a handsome business leader crossing his arms with his team standing behind him

To promote Vince Vaughn’s new movie “Unfinished Business,” about a business trip that goes off the rails, Twentieth Century Fox has teamed up with Getty Images’ iStock to release a series of stock photos featuring Vaughn and the rest of the cast, which includes Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco. Unfortunately there’s no Dave Franco Laughing Alone With Salad, but there are a whole bunch of awkwardly campy poses, like:

Dave Franco Smiling at a Whiteboard Graph:
Nothing left to chance - Business Strategy


Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco Applauding at a Business Meeting:

And of course, our favorite: Whole Crew on Fleek.
Business team enjoying victory

They don't exactly make us want to see the movie, but certainly make us want to get together for a office photoshoot.

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