See the "50 Shades" costume that sent an 11-year-old boy home from school

The mother of the boy claims he was just trying to have a good laugh

Published March 6, 2015 5:43PM (EST)

     (The Guardian / Good Morning Britain)
(The Guardian / Good Morning Britain)

For British students, March 5 marks "World Book Day" -- the day where thousands of students frolic around the halls dressed in their favorite literary costumes. But apparently, students don't have the freedom to pick just any favorite literary costume. Certainly not if it involves "50 Shades."

Teachers at Sale High School in Northwestern England sent 11-year-old Liam Scholes home on Thursday after he arrived at the school dressed as "50 Shade's" Christian Grey. His costume included the signature suit and was decorated with cable ties and an eye mask. AP reports that he was asked to change into something a bit more appropriate before returning to the school.

Just take a look at that face which reads: "I have no idea what I'm doing."

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Following this incident, the school issued a comment on this decision to AP, indicating that Scholes had, indeed, returned to the school after modifying his costume (he picked a James Bond costume): "[This decision] reflects the school's high standards in terms of student behavior, welfare and safeguarding."

The mom and son appeared on Good Morning Britain Friday where Liam eloquently explained his thinking behind the Christian Grey attire. "It's all you see on the telly -- on magazines. If there's one film that's talked about at school it's 50 Shades," Liam explained. His mom assured the journalist that her son was just trying to have a laugh and that everything has gone "a bit mental."

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