"The new gold standard in douchebag detection": Apple's $10,000 smartwatch roundly mocked by the Internet

Here are some of the best reactions to Apple's hefty price tag

Published March 9, 2015 8:00PM (EDT)


Apple unveiled its gold watch to the public Monday afternoon and -- just as the world wide web had feared -- the price tag wasn't pretty. Ten-thousand (10,000!) dollars for the 18-karat or yellow gold watch, going as high as $17,000.

While some of its features "awwed," including its ability to monitor security cameras, open a garage door and track down an Uber, there was no convincing anyone that shelling out $10,000 (come April 10, when pre-orders are made available) was a logical course of action.

Here are some of Twitter's best and funniest takes on the Apple Watch Edition -- or should we say, Douchebag Detection™ (Thanks, Anna Kendrick!) :

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