"Bachelor" play-by-play: Twitter reacts to the big finale

Chris Soules finally chose his Princess Farming. Here's how it all went down

Published March 10, 2015 3:50AM (EDT)

   (ABC/Nicole Kohl)
(ABC/Nicole Kohl)

Well, after countless princess dates, kisses, roses, hay-bales, and plenty of tears -- of the genuine and crocodile variety -- the 19th season of "The Bachelor" is over. Whitney Bischoff is Chris Soules' lucky bride-to-be, Becca Tilley was sent packing, and Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe will duel it out on the next season of the "Bachelorette." If you missed the excitement, or just want to relive it in all its glory, here's a rundown of the night, as told by the fans on Twitter.

The excitement begins! Chris Harrison is very hyperbolic, as usual, and the snarksters are sharpening their verbal swords:

[embedtweet id="575084491515031552"]
[embedtweet id="575084217446612992"]
[embedtweet id="575083902366183424"]
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[embedtweet id="575069779133734912"]

Whitney is super excited to meet Chris's family, and she doesn't have a doubt in her mind that Chris is the man for her. They like her, too.

[embedtweet id="575086977445404672"]
[embedtweet id="575088271195164672"]
[embedtweet id="575095671855783936"]
[embedtweet id="575089607009701889"]
[embedtweet id="575086172889812992"]

Becca, meanwhile, is a little more hesitant about the whole thing:

[embedtweet id="575091626973995009"]
[embedtweet id="575092222984482816"]

[embedtweet id="575092635158716417"]
[embedtweet id="575092763684896768"]

[embedtweet id="575093876614119424"]
[embedtweet id="575093957677330432"]
[embedtweet id="575091465174540290"]
[embedtweet id="575095234507341824"]

Chris asked some hard questions about why Becca isn't ready to fully open her heart to him, and Becca doesn't have all the answers:

[embedtweet id="575097682630479872"]

[embedtweet id="575097890869239808"]
[embedtweet id="575097540183474176"]
[embedtweet id="575097978588917760"]
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[embedtweet id="575098426444009472"]

[embedtweet id="575098573567692800"]
[embedtweet id="575099818583855106"]

Chris cries a bit about how stressed he is:

[embedtweet id="575098880766967808"]
[embedtweet id="575097749378592768"]
[embedtweet id="575100133966266369"]

While Whitney is just happy to hang out with Chris and go see some corn:

[embedtweet id="575100477072871424"]
[embedtweet id="575100928119955456"]

[embedtweet id="575100931810934784"]
[embedtweet id="575101191027195906]
[embedtweet id="575101176204640257"]

Still, um, "undecided," Chris picks out a ring:

[embedtweet id="575106761545359362"]
[embedtweet id="575107006815674368"]
[embedtweet id="575107133923962881"]
[embedtweet id="575107462526803968"]

After telling her how much he cares about her, Chris acknowledges that Becca just isn't ready to commit, and she gets the boot:

[embedtweet id="575110999243550720"]
[embedtweet id="575110202002960385"]
[embedtweet id="575109943235338240"]
[embedtweet id="575109951007424512"]
[embedtweet id="575110322333347840"]
[embedtweet id="575111286456983552"]

And Whitney, jabbering with nervous excitement, gets the final rose -- and a wedding ring:

[embedtweet id="575105666794274816"]
[embedtweet id="575114074608025600"]
[embedtweet id="575113419327668224"]
[embedtweet id="575113992194113536"]
[embedtweet id="575113165207433216"]

Yay, true love!

[embedtweet id="575122496174841856"]

As for the "big reveal" Chris Harrison was promising? Well, turns out there's going to be two Bachelorettes next year -- and not everyone is happy about it. 

[embedtweet id="575129416801521664"]
[embedtweet id="575128314559463424"]
[embedtweet id="575134131857788930"]

Until next year, Bachelor nation!

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