"The food sucks as much as the chef’s personality": Successful restaurant owners read their one-star Yelp reviews

For every five-star review there is a one-star review to bring a successful restaurant owner right back down

Published March 11, 2015 4:25PM (EDT)


It's hard out there for a restaurant owner. Even those with exemplary Yelp ratings will always have that one outlier to bring them right back down to earth with a one-star review. Food Beast asked three popular chefs (Jason Quinn, Daniel Shitcob Shemtob and Scott Nghiem) to sit down and read some reviews from bitter and "lactose sensitive" (?) costumers. There's probably never been a better argument for "the customer is always right."

Some gems from the video include:

  • "Only went because my girlfriend really waned to." - Ty P.
  • "Everything about this restaurant was amazing -- except the food, which was a complete trainwreck." - Kristin S.
  • "Haven't had the food yet but the wait for the food was extremely long." - Snow N.
  • "I'm lactose sensitive! FML!" - Sepi D.

By Colin Gorenstein

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