A guy most famous for saying "F*** you Michael Moore" is now marrying Bristol Palin

Bristol got engaged to the Medal of Honor recipient featured in that viral image with Sarah Palin

By Colin Gorenstein
Published March 16, 2015 9:32PM (EDT)
  (Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)
(Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)

Bristol Palin is engaged to be married! (Again.) And not just to anyone; to the Medal of Honor recipient and die-hard defender of "American Sniper" behind a viral image from this past January — "Fuc_ you Michael Moore" [sic] — that also featured a smiling Sarah Palin.

The image was posted on her fiancé Sgt. Dakota Meyer's Facebook in response to a Michael Moore tweet that criticized the Clint Eastwood-directed war film. Meyer, the viral-savvy dude that he is, included the message "Share it and make it trending."

In her engagement announcement, posted over at her blog on Saturday, Bristol provided a quick rundown of how Sgt. Meyer and she had met (spoiler: filming her mother's outdoor reality television series "Amazing America") and how he proposed to her (spoiler: there was Rascal Flatts involved).

Palin wrote:

He’s wonderful with Tripp and I’m so proud to be marrying him.
He’s so romantic! He asked me to marry him at a Rascal Flatts concert. The lead singer, Gary LeVox, dedicated “Bless the Broken Road” to us, and then Dakota got down on one knee and proposed!


(H/T: Hollywood Reporter)

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