The New York Times spoiled my show! And other impassioned reactions from "The Jinx"’s big reveal

The world reacts to Robert Durst's proclamation that he "killed them all"

Published March 16, 2015 1:01PM (EDT)

Robert Durst          (HBO)
Robert Durst (HBO)

The jaw-dropping finale of Andrew Jarecki’s “Jinx” aired last night, with inscrutable real-estate heir Robert Durst -- the suspect in three murders over the course of three decades -- muttering that he "killed them all, of course" into a hot mic while he was in the bathroom. Naturally, the big reveal blew people off their feet. Here are some of the best reactions:

Everyone was shocked

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Some people were mad that the news — mainly, the New York Times push alert on their phone — “spoiled” the ending to a three-decade long murder case:

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While other people found the ending made them evaluate “Serial” in a whole new light:

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