Here's the life-sized chocolate sculpture of Benedict Cumberbatch you never, ever asked for

Because in the UK, chocolate bunnies simply won't cut it this Easter

Published April 1, 2015 8:29PM (EDT)

  (UK TV)

This is, unfortunately, not an April Fools' joke. A Benedict Cumberbatch made entirely out of chocolate -- and appropriately titled "Chocobatch" -- now exists. To mark the launch of a new drama channel on the UKTV network (and the end of human dignity) the network enlisted the help of some "chocolate gurus" to create a life-sized sculpture of the "Sherlock" actor.

The sculpture is 6 feet tall, weighs in at 88 pounds and is made out of 500 melted-down Belgian chocolate bars (which contain 33% cocoa). Only the finest of chocolates for Benedict. The crew is aiming to have "Chocobatch" displayed in Westfield Stratford City for the public before Easter arrives.

"I have a feeling some women are going to take a look at him and decide he's delicious in more than one way," chocolate sculptor Tim Simpson said, who explains at one point in the UKTV video that sculpting Cumberbatch's exceptionally thin face was no easy task.

All worth it in the end, right?

Watch the making of Chocobatch below:

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