Emails acted out in real life will make you realize how awful we all are

Maybe lay off the "will do"s and the "reply all" button

Published April 8, 2015 4:08PM (EDT)

   (Tripp and Tyler)
(Tripp and Tyler)

It's likely none of your coworkers will ever be so bold as to call you out on your email faux pas, unless the act in question is truly egregious. So, thankfully, sketch comedy duo Tripp and Tyler are intervening with a new video which makes abundantly clear how awful we all are at writing work emails.

The video -- a follow-up to the largely successful viral video "A Conference Call in Real Life" from 2014 --  features actors reading off everyday examples of emails, forcing us all to confront our bad habits. Take for example, the act of incessantly responding "will do" to requests or including an unnecessarily long signature with your contact info. Seeing someone in the flesh spouting these correspondences back at us really brings it home: We'd all seem like monsters IRL if we conducted ourselves the same way.

Watch the clip below:

By Colin Gorenstein

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