Here's hoping the "Golden Girls" LEGO set becomes a reality

10,000 fans have voted to see Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia in block form. LEGO just has to say yes

Published April 9, 2015 7:08PM (EDT)

A still from "Golden Girls"     (ABC)
A still from "Golden Girls" (ABC)

The people have spoken: They want "Golden Girls" LEGO figurines. Now it's up to the popular toymaker to meet the demand.

Ten thousand supporters voted this week for LEGO to consider manufacturing a set based on the classic 80s TV show, designed by longtime fan Samuel Hatmaker. In its current iteration, the model Hatmaker submitted to LEGO's Ideas program includes Blanche's Miami living room and the foursome's iconic kitchen table, as well as figurines of each Golden Girl -- and Stanley. The designer also promised to add the Lanai behind the door if his project received 5,000 votes -- so I guess he'll have to follow through now that the demand for the set has doubled.

"It’s a timeless show," Hatmaker told Vocativ of his decision to make a "Golden Girls" set. "I watched it as a child and thought it was funny. Many of the jokes went over my head. I watch it now, and it is still brilliant."

LEGO has not officially commented on the project, but it has opened up to producing both television-inspired and empowering toys of late. The toymaker announced it would launch a "Doctor Who" set this year, and in 2014 offered a "Research Institute" line of female scientist figurines.

By Jenny Kutner

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