Watch Fox Sports host Katie Nolan take down her employer for sexist blog post

"It is very easy to try to type & accidentally type if you just got your nails done"

By Jenny Kutner
April 14, 2015 12:14AM (UTC)
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Katie Nolan on "Garbage Time" (Fox Sports/"Garbage Time")

Fox Sports host Katie Nolan tends to call out sexism when she sees it. The "Garbage Time" anchor was straightforward in her criticism of the NFL last year, when she dressed down the league and sports media for failing to welcome women "at the big boy table." On Sunday, Nolan zoomed in a bit, and took to task a particular sports media outlet for its sexist failings: Her own employer.

Denouncing a article with the headline "How to Land a Husband at The Masters," Nolan slammed the site for attempting to play off the stereotypically sexist post as either polemical or "lighthearted" -- or anything reinforcing a double-standard. The host satirized the notion that women are interested in attending sporting events only so long as they can scout potential partners, and pointed out that the few women who are doing that, probably aren't reading Fox Sports.


"Not every woman goes to sporting events to find men, but 2-3 percent of women do," Nolan said. "They deserve to have articles geared to their interests on sports websites that they'll never visit, just in case they end up there by accident. It is very easy to try to type '' and accidentally type '' if you just got your nails done."

Watch Nolan take on Fox's sexism below:


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