An illustrated guide to the many women Don Draper has slept with on "Mad Men"

Artist Hannah Choi has added even more color to each of Don's partners, in chronological order

By Jenny Kutner
Published April 15, 2015 8:01PM (EDT)

When people talk about the women of "Mad Men," they're most often referring to Peggy and Joan, the two female characters that have perhaps been most fully allowed to act independently on their own desires. Don Draper's pair of ex-wives, Megan and Betty, have also been central characters in their own rights, but any viewer could tell you that the show's cast of (intriguing) female characters isn't limited -- not with the way Don sleeps around.

Artist Hannah Choi decided to illustrate each of Don's many (many) sexual partners for her series, "The Women of Don Draper," in order to get a better look at both the adulterous "Mad Men" antihero and the women he chooses. Each woman is drawn to reflect a person with as much depth and, in some cases, as many flaws as their shared consort. All are beautiful and beautifully illustrated, but most importantly, each character is unique.

"I really wanted to see exactly how promiscuous Don was," Choi told Vox's Kelsey McKinney. "I figured it'd be interesting to see how the ladies would look as a group. I wondered if there was a pattern or a certain type he was attracted to."

While she was drawing them, Choi noticed one thing the women have in common besides Don. "When you look at the whole collective, one can't help but notice that no one is ever happy," the illustrator said. Sadly for Don's numerous women, that sounds about right.

Choi's whole series -- which she'll continue updating through the end of the series -- is available on her Tumblr. Check out some of the illustrations below:

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