"Safe sex is kind of a misnomer": Bioethicist live-tweets insane abstinence-only sex ed lesson

Alice Dreger documents craziness: "She's now telling story of condom box in which EVERY SINGLE CONDOM HAD A HOLE"

Published April 15, 2015 4:38PM (EDT)

"Mean Girls"
"Mean Girls"

Feminist bioethicist and "Galileo's Middle Finger" author Alice Dreger wasn't happy to learn her son's school health class included the sort of delusional, fear-mongering abstinence-only instruction that attempts to scare students out of ever touching each other or engaging in healthy sexual relationships. So, on Wednesday, she took him up on his offer to sit in on a lesson. Then she live-tweeted the whole thing, to document the insane "wisdom" imparted to thousands of American public school students.

Dreger sat in on a lesson taught by a visiting teacher who, she says, promoted "abstinence stories" while being "completely condescending":

The exercise is just one of many different tactics abstinence-only educators use to shame and misinform students, which have proven ineffective in anti-comprehensive-sex ed strongholds such as Texas and Mississippi -- two states that have some of the highest teen pregnancy and repeat teen pregnancy rates in the country. And, according to Dreger, the message was literally garbage:

By Jenny Kutner

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