Stephen Colbert's "Daily Show" confession: "I don't want to be the guy to take over for Jon Stewart"

You've wondered too: Why didn't Colbert want "The Daily Show" instead of Letterman's "Late Show." He explains

Published April 19, 2015 2:41PM (EDT)

 Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert      (Comedy Central)
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (Comedy Central)

Turns out "Star Wars" mastermind George Lucas had the same question we all did: Why didn't Stephen Colbert want to take over "The Daily Show"?

Colbert was announced as David Letterman's successor not long before Jon Stewart stepped down. Lots of people saw Stewart's move coming, and the two are close from Colbert's long run as a correspondent, and then the nine years in which "The Colbert Report" followed "The Daily Show."

Colbert was supposed to be interviewing Lucas as part of an event at the Tribeca Film Festival, but Lucas turned the tables.

The response?

"I don't want to be the guy to take over for Jon Stewart. I worked for Jon Stewart on that show, my memories will always be of him being the most keenest, most intelligent, most beautifully deconstructive mind, clearest thinker I have ever worked with or for.

"I'll never, however successful I be, get underneath [Stewart's] shadow," said Colbert. "Someone who doesn't know him as well, and maybe doesn't love him as much, might have a better time on that show than I ever would."

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