Clueless dude catcalls women during interview about anti-catcalling campaign

The video is so bad, we sort of hope it's a prank

By Jenny Kutner
Published April 20, 2015 7:25PM (EDT)

For some reason, there still seems to be debate about whether catcalling is obnoxious or complimentary. It is obnoxious, even when it's intended to be complimentary. And here's a really great video illustration of what that means.

Buzz60's Patrick Jones recently put together a report on the "No Catcalling Zone" signs that began appearing around New York City and Philadelphia last week, which are part of an inventive anti-street harassment campaign coordinated by feminist activists. Polling New Yorkers for their thoughts on the campaign, Jones managed to find a bona fide street harasser to share his views on catcalling...while he catcalled women on camera as they passed by.

"Sometimes you gotta call a girl," the man told Jones, clicking his tongue and whistling. "Like that."

"How would you call a dog?" Jones asked.

"Same way," the man said, whistling again.

When asked how he thought catcalling made people feel, the man told Jones he believes it makes women feel good, and then proceeded to give a real-time example. "Even if it’s far away, it’s even better because [the women] aren’t that scared," the catcaller said. "Sometimes you gotta have a little distance."

The street harasser was not thrilled to discover that Jones' segment was, indeed, intended to illustrate the ills of catcalling, and took a moment to defend himself before walking away. "We're just acknowledging that you [a random woman] did a good thing today getting up out of bed," he said.

Watch the video below:

(h/t Huffington Post)

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