Watch three ex-cops get incredibly high and attempt to take a sobriety test

Happy 4/20. Here are some ex-cops taking bong hits

By Colin Gorenstein
Published April 20, 2015 6:52PM (EDT)
  (Cult Video)
(Cult Video)

As a 4/20 gift to the Internet, the masterminds who first brought us "Grandmas Smoking Weed" have just dropped another instant classic, "Ex-Cops Smoking Weed." It's been some time since the cop-trio has dabbled in marijuana, we learn: Rene says that his last experience was in 1968; Robert, on the other hand,  indicates his last time was on a waterbed with a "very agreeable woman" while listening to Rhapsody in Blue. You do the math.

After several rounds, the three of them start to feel "floaty" and are asked to participate in a sobriety test. The verdict? They're really not that terrible at counting backwards in increments of seven or walking in straight lines.

The video also includes a handful of Q&A exchanges, including one fiery moment in which Robert tears into the tired narrative that marijuana is a gateway drug: "If you look at it, everyone who is a heroin addict started drinking milk."

Closing out the video on an uncomfortable note, the interviewer asks the group if any of them got horny in the process of smoking. Robert shuts that one down quickly as well. "I'm 73, what the hell are you talking about," he says. "It's been so long since I made love that I can't remember who ties up whom."

Watch the clip below:

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