Morrissey hates crowdfunding: "A desperate measure, and insulting to your audience"

"What is the next thing you’re going to ask? Brush our teeth?”

Published April 28, 2015 3:52PM (EDT)


After falling out with his label last year, Morrissey’s new album “World Peace is None of Your Business” was pulled from shelves. The ex-Smiths rocker has yet to find another label to take the album, telling Spanish newspaper El Pais that he recently "contacted some labels and all have rejected [him]".

Yet while many artists lately have turned to fan contributions to help release their albums independently — indeed, his tour-mate Amanda Palmer advocated that Morrissey do just that in an open letter on Salon — don't expect to see Morrissey asking for handouts anytime soon. Speaking to El Pais, the outspoken rocker derided crowdfunding as an insult to fans, calling it “a desperate measure, and insulting to your audience.”

"We have already provided sufficient amounts of money,” he continued. "What is the next thing you’re going to ask? Brush our teeth?” (Hey, if potato salad can make $50,000, we bet a Kickstarter campaign to preserve Moz's oral hygiene would be pretty lucrative).

He continued by saying that touring is the only money-making option for him right now, calling it "very good and exciting,” and adding that “the only unpleasant part of this that whenever a concert is canceled the story captures attention, but if the concert took place, it would hardly be mentioned. Many people enjoy writing negative things about me. Which is fine with me. Let them if it makes them happy.”

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