"Unwilling vaginas make me really uncomfortable": Sensitive men draw their ideal vaginas

Who doesn't want to hear a dude say something like, "I accept the vagina however it appears"?

Jenny Kutner
April 30, 2015 12:09AM (UTC)

Handing a dude a sheet of paper and a pen and telling him to draw a vagina usually turns out to be pretty funny. We know this; remember that time two friends asked a bunch of gay men to sketch the female anatomy so they could make a coffee table book?

Now, close your eyes and imagine if, instead of gay men drawing vaginas, you could watch straight men navigate the challenges of illustrating a somewhat-accurate vulva. Then open your eyes and click the video below.


LOLpervs filmed four (ostensibly straight-identifying) men describing and drawing their ideal vaginas, in a "sexperiment" that is both entertaining and also sort of moving. The guys really appreciate female genitalia and say great things about the vaginas they've known, including (but not limited to):

"I accept the vagina however it appears."

"I don't like disinterested vaginas."

"Unwilling vaginas make me really uncomfortable, but once you're, like, in there -- you've arrived at the vagina -- then there are certainly differences. You start to think about where you actually are once you've arrived there."

"Butt-cheeks are in my vagina world, 100% of the time."

"It's inviting, but it's not intimidating in any way. It's got its own unique flaws and personality," one participant says of his ideal vagina as he sketches. "[But] I think God is a much better artist than I am."

Watch the video below:

Jenny Kutner

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