"The Daily Show" tearfully says goodbye to "Senior Senior Correspondent" Samantha Bee

Bee said farewell to the program after 12 glorious years and things got emotional

Published May 1, 2015 12:54PM (EDT)

Samantha Bee, Jon Stewart     (Comedy Central)
Samantha Bee, Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

"Senior Senior Corespondent" Samantha Bee predicted that on her very last day  of "The Daily Show," her tears would "short circuit the NYC electrical grid." Luckily, New York City electricity was able to hold up, but others -- the verklempt Jon Stewart, included -- had a bit more trouble keeping it together as the veteran signed off from her 12-year stint last night.

"We needed a correspondent. We looked in all the usual places — your liquor stores, your betting parlors, your methadone clinics,” Stewart said at the start of the tribute. "We found this delightful, just incredibly funny person, Sam Bee. So we hid her in a trunk and raced back over the border, pursued by mounties. Canada had no idea what it was losing."

Bee will be working on two projects for TBS post-"Daily Show." One of which, she will be hosting and executive producing alongside her husband (and recently departed "Daily Show" correspondent) Jason Jones.

By Colin Gorenstein

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