Patton Oswalt discovers that trolling far-right instigator Chuck Johnson isn't actually fun -- just sad

Johnson responds with a demonstration of why quantity never trumps quality in a Twitter-battle

Published May 14, 2015 8:28PM (EDT)

Comedian Patton Oswalt mistakenly thought it would "be fun" to go toe-to-toe with journalist Charles Johnson today over the latter's offer of $400 to anyone who could discover "the name and race of the conductor" of the Amtrak train that derailed yesterday.

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Someone tried to warn Oswalt that engaging with Johnson is never "fun," but that didn't stop him:

[embedtweet id="598913133361631232"]

Johnson tried to say something nice:

[embedtweet id="598921495432200192"]

But Oswalt was having none of it:

[embedtweet id="598924444329857024"]

Johnson tried to respond in kind, but just wasn't up to the task:

[embedtweet id="598924777387008000"]

Oswalt kindly informed him of his failure:

[embedtweet id="598925184653922304"]

A heartbroken Johnson attempted to turn the tables:

[embedtweet id="598925617631862784"]

Which prompted Oswalt to admit he'd made an honest mistake:

[embedtweet id="598926573937381377"]

One which Johnson reminded him of again:

[embedtweet id="598926817500598273"]

And again:

[embedtweet id="598927986134388736"]

And again:

[embedtweet id="598918000415154176"]

And again:

[embedtweet id="598918922662883328"]

And again:

[embedtweet id="598919451908542464"]

And again:

[embedtweet id="598924109901234176"]

Before reminding him one last time why engaging with Charles Johnson is never a good idea:

[embedtweet id="598928746029056000"]

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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