The most ridiculous moments from the "Mad Men" finale

From Don's land speed record to Steggy to Joan's coke party for two

Published May 18, 2015 2:56PM (EDT)

Jon Hamm in "Mad Men"                  (AMC/Justina Mintz)
Jon Hamm in "Mad Men" (AMC/Justina Mintz)

The "Mad Men" finale was many things at once: Frustrating, cynical, dark, moving, optimistic, profound, confounding. It was also full of ridiculous moments — both of the delightful non-sequitur and the ‘WTF’ plot-twist variety — which seemed to serve both as a wink to fans and as the Weiner equivalent of “whatever, I do what I want!” Such as:

"Mad Max" Mad Man!

Finally we get to see Don beat the land speed record that he’s been training for all these seasons.

Like a cat, Meredith always lands on her feet.

While getting fired is a bummer for most people, Meredith isn't shaken. Responding to Sterling's encouragement that "she'll land on her feet," Don's most unruffled secretary responds “I always do." Meredith spinoff please!

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Happy 1970! How about some cocaine?

Joan and Richard proving that McCann-Erickson aren’t the only ones with a coke account.

Peggy and Stan are in a rom-com, somehow

Just because I did not see “Mad Men” devolving into a romantic comedy coming does not mean I will not ship this.

Team Steggy forever.

I guess Sterling lives in Quebec now?

He's still a cheeky rascal, even when he's speaking French.

Leonard's fridge monologue

So glad we got to spend precious, pivotal moments with all our favorite characters this season: Di the waitress, Puma, Anna Draper’s niece, and of course, Leonard. As Slate put it, "Ah, Leonard: Mad Men’s last great rando. God bless Matthew Weiner for squeezing one more in."

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Don is a yogi now

Say it with me: OMMMMMMMMMMM.

Namaste, "Mad Men!"

By Anna Silman

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