Twitter can't believe what happened on the series finale of "Mad Men" either

How could it end like this?

Published May 18, 2015 3:21AM (EDT)

The reactions to the series finale of "Mad Men" were mixed as could only be expected. I wish I could say my my own theory was verified, but Matthew Weiner confounded us all. It's been a long evening, and it's probably best to just replay it as it happened.

People were excited beforehand:

[embedtweet id="599960051499991042"]

[embedtweet id="600111659441459201"]

[embedtweet id="600071580970979329"]

[embedtweet id="600118431061512193"]

Then, well, the show happened:

[embedtweet id="600133846466764800"]

[embedtweet id="600134461976641536"]

[embedtweet id="600136191829147648"]

[embedtweet id="600134177703469056"]

[embedtweet id="600133849750884353"]

[embedtweet id="600136952747151360"]

[embedtweet id="600136847860334594"]

[embedtweet id="600135210877911040"]

[embedtweet id="600137614079950849"]

[embedtweet id="600133846466764800"]

[embedtweet id="600136788506746882"]

[embedtweet id="600137644287340546"]

[embedtweet id="600137584698875904"]

[embedtweet id="600138217699020800"]

[embedtweet id="600139668382982144"]

[embedtweet id="600139740243992577"]

[embedtweet id="600138767412826112"]

[embedtweet id="600137862064054272"]

[embedtweet id="600134667673739264"]

[embedtweet id="600138135775883264"]

[embedtweet id="600138130063302656"]

[embedtweet id="600141787634753536"]

[embedtweet id="600139299707838464"]

And mad props to Todd VanDerWerff, who nailed it

One thing's for certain -- we're not quite sure we're watching the same show Marco Rubio was:

[embedtweet id="600116092946685952"]

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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