Twitter erupts as Duggars sit with Megyn Kelly for horrifying interview

Recapping a wild night as the world reacted in shock to Duggars interview in real time

Published June 4, 2015 2:01AM (EDT)

Michelle Duggar            (Fox News)
Michelle Duggar (Fox News)

Megyn Kelly breaks the news

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Lisa Bloom brings the actual truth 

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Some surprising common sense from Montel Williams

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Because we couldn't resist looking for Mike Huckabee's most recent tweet

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After that, we needed smarts from Salon's Joan Walsh

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And frequent Salon essayist Wajahat Ali

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And the killer GIF from culture editor Erin Keane which says it all 

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Even the fake "Newsman" newsman can't believe it

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The last word goes to God

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