Larry Wilmore welcomes gay valedictorian who was ousted from graduation and outed to parents

Wilmore flew the teen in to New York to present his banned speech (mostly) without interruption

Published June 5, 2015 1:59PM (EDT)

 Larry Wilmore, Evan Young     (The Nightly Show)
Larry Wilmore, Evan Young (The Nightly Show)

After learning of the high school valedictorian who was barred from delivering his speech when school officials learned he wanted to come out as gay, Larry Wilmore -- following the lead of OUT Boulder -- graciously flew 18-year-old Evan Young to "The Nightly Show" to let him have his moment on live television. Well, with one brief interruption.

"Woa woa woa," Wilmore exclaimed after Young began his speech with a note that his "idol" was Stephen Colbert. "You can't say that crap on this show!"

Watch the clip below:

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