Franklin Graham leaves gay friendly Wells Fargo for gay friendlier North Carolina bank

His father's money just can't seem to distance itself from supporters of "The Homosexual Agenda"

By Scott Eric Kaufman

Published June 9, 2015 7:27PM (EDT)

Last week, Franklin Graham announced that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was leaving Wells Fargo after it aired a commercial in which a lesbian couple adopted a disabled child:

He characterized the touching spot as just another example of "the tide of moral decay that is being crammed down our throats by big business, the media, and the gay & lesbian community," and urged his flock to follow his lead by boycotting Wells Fargo.

On the Family Research Council's radio program "Washington Watch" yesterday, Graham explained his decision and informed host Craig James that he was taking his father's ministry to BB&T Bank, a local North Carolina institution.

As Brian Tashman at Right Wing Watch pointed out, it appears that if Graham wanted to distance his father's money from those who support "The Homosexual Agenda," he should have done a little more research.

In the past year, BB&T sponsored the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade, as well as .

In February, Arthur Costa, BB&T Regional Multicultural Markets Officer, told the Miami Herald that the banks supports "individuals and organizations that broaden our perspectives and strengthen the diverse fabric of our communities. That’s why BB&T is proud to be a part of this day of pride and celebration of the 2015 Legacy Couples [who have been together for more than 10 years]."

Nor is BB&T merely paying lip-service to the LGBT community. Earlier this year, the bank hosted a gay couple's wedding reception in its South Beach branch.

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