John Oliver bought a Trinidad TV ad so he could eviscerate ex-FIFA villain

Oliver is determined to see that justice is served and the disgraced bigwig keeps his promise

Published June 10, 2015 5:05PM (EDT)

John Oliver     (Youtube: Prestige Duttyness)
John Oliver (Youtube: Prestige Duttyness)

John Oliver has been instrumental in exposing FIFA's corrupt practices to the world (exhibit 1; exhibit 2), and he's not content to throw in the towel just yet following the arrest of Trinidadian ex-FIFA official Jack Warner.

That's the ex-FIFA official, if you recall, who cited The Onion in his defense against corruption charges.

Oliver has now reportedly paid for Trinidadian television airtime in order to send an additional message to the disgraced bigwig. In a four-minute spot, which aired on TV6 Tuesday, Oliver demanded that Warner spill everything he knows about the corrupt inner-workings of the organization to the public, just as he promised.

“I’ve been looking through the indictment,” Oliver says in the ad. "Good luck with that!"

Watch the ad below:

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