Jon Stewart roasts "motherf*cker" Donald Rumsfeld: One day he'll think, just for a second

Stewart recalls a time when Rumsfeld was much ore gung-ho about spreading "democracy" in Iraq

By Colin Gorenstein

Published June 12, 2015 12:30PM (EDT)

Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)
Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

Following Larry Wilmore's lead, Jon Stewart gave Donald Rumsfeld a good roasting Thursday night for his continued backpedaling on the Iraq invasion.

The former Defense Secretary claimed in a recent Times of London article that he knew from the outset that invading Iraq in the name of democracy was a bad and "unrealistic" idea. "I was concerned about it when I first heard those words," he was quoted saying.

"I think we can file that under 'Comments That Might Have Been Useful Earlier,'" Stewart said, recalling a starkly contrasting conversation he had with Rumsfeld on "The Daily Show" back in 2011.

"No matter what evidence, arguments, or historical facts you put in front of them, they think learning curves are for p*ssies!" Stewart said, but signed off with some words of optimism to counter it. "Never stop trying anyway. Because there's always hope that one day, they'll think, just for a second."

Watch the clip below:

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