Donald Trump allegedly paid actors to attend his presidential launch party

Media Matters for America's VP said he recognized some of the attendees from social media -- and they're actors

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published June 17, 2015 2:55PM (EDT)

The executive vice president of Media Matters for America, Angelo Carusone, wrote a post on Medium accusing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of hiring paid actors to attend his campaign launch.

According to Carusone, he stumbled across a photograph, since deleted, on Instagram of a "gentlemen a paid actor who regularly posts photos from his gigs on social media." He later discovered that the woman in the picture is also a paid actress, so he decided to investigate the matter further.

Although he did not cite them, he said that "[a]ccording to his sources some actors were hired to attend and participate in the event; and, a company called Extra Mile NYC connected Trump's campaign/event organizers with the paid actors."

Carusone said he reached out to Extra Mile NYC for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

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