Glenn Beck unloads on Donald Trump: "The biggest flaming [ass] that you could possibly imagine"

It takes one to know one, we guess?

By Sophia Tesfaye

Senior Politics Editor

Published June 17, 2015 10:24PM (EDT)

Glenn Beck        (AP/Timothy D. Easley)
Glenn Beck (AP/Timothy D. Easley)

According to Glenn Beck, the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump signals the demise of America.

Beck, discussing yesterday's presidential announcement, called Trump "the opposite of every great leader," and slammed him as "the most arrogant man" the right-wing radio host had ever seen.

Beck recalled the story of a Silicon Valley executive who swore off ever voting for a Republican candidate, citing the infamous Todd Akin "legitimate rape" comments, to complain that the media seized on such rare occurrences to unfairly paint the GOP as stupid and argue that a Trump candidacy would only serve as more harmful fodder.

Displaying a flagrant lack of self-awareness, Beck warned that "Donald Trump coming in and doing this to the Republicans is going to make all of us look ridiculous. Anybody who is a conservative, we are going to look absolutely like clowns. It's just a shame."

Beck proclaimed that Trump's candidacy is "they way we end," and slammed the maybe billionaire real-estate mogul as the "biggest flaming [ass] that you could possibly imagine."

Beck then half-jokingly claimed that Trump's announcement had forced him to consider entering the race himself, "just to be the guy on the stage going 'hey, I thought everyone who wanted to be a joke could run for president,'" evidently assuming his candidacy would be better than the "embarrassment" of Trump 2016.

Watch the video via Right-Wing Watch:

By Sophia Tesfaye

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